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Just Fans Of... what?

Well... we're into a lot of things. Just Fans Of is a large community of gamers, musicians, modders, lovers, athletes, bronies, developers, food connoisseurs, LARPers, leather workers, cross-stitchers, students, doctors, designers, directors, pet lovers, scrubs, streams, dungeon masters, parents, dolphin trainers, rocket scientists, farmers and everything in between.

The most talented people in the world are just fans of their respective fields and share that through the things they watch, play, and listen to everyday. We're no different; we just wanna do what we love and give back to the community in the process! This is a place where all of us can grow our dreams and passion projects with others who may share the same interests.

Thank You!

We are continually blown away by the communities generosity, talent, and unrelenting positivity. Knowing that we can never say thank you enough for the support that the community gives, we wanted to put together a place to showcase community works that inspire and awe us regularly.

How about some friendly competition?

There are only so many ways that we can tell you that this is all about you. So instead, we've decided to try and show you by putting together community events that allow everybody to get involved, and allow us to give away some sweet prizes!

The current contest, Terraria Creative Contest, is now live! Click here for the full set of rules, sign-ups, and more!


The Terraria Creative Contest will take place on Sunday, November 4th. Sign ups will end on the day of the contest and no-shows will be replaced with participants in the wait list.

Support Chat

Once you have joined the Discord & been assigned a role you will be able to post in the #tournament-chat Discord channel. This is where we will be announcing important info, updates, and where we will be reaching out to you for matches etc.


The prize pool for this contest is $175 that will be awarded in Steam Gift Cards across the top 3 contest winners!

Just Fans Of & the Just Fans Of Hosted Terraria Creative Contest are not affiliated with Re-logic or Terraria in any way. We just really like this game and wanted to give back to the community in a creative way. Make sure you're keeping up with the Challonge page and Discord for the most up to date and full event information.

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If you have any further suggestions, questions or comments, the best ways to connect with us are through Discord, Twitch, or by reaching out to justfansof@gmail.com directly! If you're reading this the form is just there to catch bots, don't use it... unless you're a bot :)

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